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  • IP 8000 Firmware Upgrade

    We just downloaded the new FW for the IP 8000 phones (3.7.2_1). We have 4 IP 8000 phones that are running 3.6.1(1). When I login to the web interface of the phones and go to the "System Upgrade" section. It will not let me browse for the file to upload. I have tried with Firefox 3.5, IE6, IE7, IE8 and Opera on Win7, WinXP and Server 2003. Everything else in the web interface for the phone seems to work properly.

    Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

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    Odd, I have upgraded several with no problems (just remember to unzip the firmware package before you do the upgrade or it will choke partway through).

    Have you tried rebooting the phone to see if that resets the web page?


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      Found the issue

      Nevermind, I found the issue in the build notes. I guess I should read more carefully before posting

      1-33955831 Cannot upgrade IP8000 phones if the Adobe Flash version is 10.x or later. The ‘browse” button does not bring up the browse ialog, resulting in the inability to upgrade the phone firmware.

      Workaround is to downgrade to Adobe Flash Version 9.0.159. Uninstall using the Adobe Flash uninstaller (How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control). ShoreTel will correct this in a future ShoreWare release.


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        Sounds like me, just read enough to get started then I wonder why it doesn't work. I just wanted to point out another problem I had with this process from not reading. You have to close anything that may be using Flash Player 10 before your run the unistall. Even if you run it and reboot it does not fully uninstall and as soon as you launch a webpage that uses Flash, 10 will repair itself and reload. Then I tried a version of 9 that said this is not the newsest, most sucure version of flash, please upgrade to a newer version. I finally got it to work with Flash 9r246.


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          Of course the real WTF here is that a speakerphone web interface requires Flash. A basic FUNCTIONAL web interface using only html would be far superior to the bloated Flash interface.


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            I had the same problem needed to down grade to flash 9.x and then it worked fine browsing for the file was no longer a problem and the upgrade was successful.:sweatdrop:


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              Not trying to Thread-jack, but i was wondering if any of you had a preferred firmware for the IP8000. I am in the middle of configuring out of SIP trunk and i am at a stand still since my support team has not included and upgrade. So before they send me what might not work (seems to be their specialty) is there a more logical version i should request?

              Currently in Shoretel 9.2


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                Alternative upgrade method

                I can not upgrade the firmware to the IP8000. Tried using IE,6,7,8 Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Adobe Flash 9, 10 ( various versions) and even Macromedia 9. tried from multiple computers. the closest I have come is Adobe Flash 9.0.246 and Opera where it at least allows me to browse for the file but it always fails


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                  Any luck whatsoever?