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  • On Hold Music, and Announcement does not play

    We are experiencing an issue with our ShoreTel. We had our domain controller for our network go offline for about 20 minutes and even though everything came back on, our on hold music and announcements do not play. We can put them in the route and there will be dead air during the time it should play, and then it will connect the call to the agent. We have restarted the box a few times, but in each case it is still doing the same thing.

    Any Suggestions of items to look at?

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    What version of Shoretel & Windows on the HQ server?

    Do you find a correlation when you RDP to the server?


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      We recently had this problem and the solution was to re-save the files using Audacity with the same settings but with a new file name and put them in the appropriate location and change the file names in the contact center flow. The person at TAC that I worked with on this problem suggested that maybe the file headers were corrupted somehow. We haven't had any problems since.