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  • Call Handling Mode Mysteriously Reverting to Standard?

    I have a user who swears she sets her call handling mode to Out of Office every night. Well periodically she tells me that it reverts to Standard without her doing anything. She is the only one in our office complaining about this happening. Is she just not finishing the process to set the handling mode, i.e. not hitting OK after highlighting Out of Office or could this possibly be a real issue? She does not have Outlook's calendar integration installed and we are on 8.1. Are call handling mode changes logged anywhere, so I can verify whether or not she actually changed the mode?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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    Have you looked to see if her call handling mode is set to run on a schedule (typically users forget this one)? I have had several customers set thier on-hours call handling mode to run on a schedule, usually the main on-hours schedule, and then have trouble figuring out why their phone comes back out of other modes when they have not told it to.


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      Isn't that controlled through the Outlook integration or is there somewhere else for that as well? Outlook calendar integration is not installed at all


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        No, you can also apply system schedules to mode changes.


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          Forgive my ignorance, but how would I find said option or schedule?


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            Never mind - I see that it is in PCM


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              Those are all set to "none" though... the mystery remains. Any other ideas? Does anybody know if call handling changes are logged anywhere, so I can verify if she did in fact actually change the mode?


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                ipds log

                To find out when the change was made (but not necessarily why), search the ipds-[mmddyy].log file for the string "New CHM". The extension will be listed below the change.

                Here is an example of my extension 3515 changing from Standard mode to In a Meeting mode at 8:33:08 am.

                ipds 3712: [TIMESTAMP] 08:33:08.814 +00:00:00.000
                ipds 3712: CHM changed
                ipds 3712: Old CHM: 1
                ipds 3712: New CHM: 2
                ipds 3712: HLine: 0x19626
                ipds 3712: Ext.: 3515



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                  Ah wonderful. Thanks a bunch. Looks like she never changed it. Pretty much what I thought.