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  • Sending additional digits after call is placed via PCM

    I am using PCM 7.5 along with my handset, and I was wondering how to remain hands-off whenever an IVR prompt asks me for addtional digits (press 1 for...., or extension #). I know you can do it through a keypad option, but I can't remember if it was brought in a later version of PCM or not. I also saw the option available to softphone users, but I use my handset.

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    The redesigned PCM software brought this functionality in 8.0 or newer.


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      Thank you cburgy. We will be upgrading to 9.1 here soon, so that will be nice.


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        I'm trying to remember back to 7.5 but I think you can program a toolbar button to send digits on a call. I you are calling a familiar IVR and always need to use the same options you could program a button for this purpose.

        An interesting hack would be to program a button for each digit...

        If toolbars weren't available in 7.5 I'm sure someone will point that out.


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          Thanks Jason. I will have to look into that. How would you go about hacking these numbers?


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            Well if you create a button for "Send digits over call" and make it send "1", then create another one for "2", etc. If you did one for all the digits on your phone keypad then you would have made yourself a dialpad toolbar.

            I may have been slightly indulgent in my use of the word "hack", everything I propose is part of the documented interface.

            Good luck.