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  • Avaya Integration

    Anyone know Avaya here that has done an integration before? We have a customer who’s Avaya vendor has flaked and we need someone to configure the Avaya (Definity) side for the integration.

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    Avaya integration

    Chris- Try the guys at CCITelecom in Statesville, NC. Bobby and those guys are certified on all the AVAYA stuff. They are a ShoreTel partner as well. There also have a location in Charlotte, but OPS is in Statesville. (Cause they have better Barbecue!)

    I have a guy up in Roanoke, VA that we use for AVAYA stuff. They are canning a lot of employees now and dropping about 40% of their partner force. (We being one of the canned!) That buy out by the venture capitalist is really screwing MANY of the long time faithful.


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      Hey Chris,

      We at Transcned Communications are both Avaya dealers and ShoreTel dealers (the largest and best ShoreTel dealer ) If you have questions send me a PM and I will shoot you over my number.



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        Were you ever able to integreate the shoretel and Avaya? Did you use SIP ?


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          We have integrated with Avaya (and other systems) over qsig.


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            Do you mind giving me some details about integrating an avaya IP Office 500? We are not looking for much more functionality other than basic calls from point A to point B. I am installing a VCM32 card tonight and upgrading the software to V5.



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              I just integrated the IP Office 500 with the Shoretel Via Sip.. See here for quick and dirty of what I did
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