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  • Upgrade and IP change

    I have to upgrade a customer to 9.1 on the weekend and they are also changing their IP addressing scheme. I just want to double check on the IP change. I have read all the posts in regards to this, however nothing is specific to 9.

    I change the IP addresses on the switches, there is no DVM so I dont have to worry about that.
    Then I would change the IP address in the Application server and everything should be ok after a reboot?

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    Yes, change the IP in Director for the Application server, then change the IP address on the NIC. FYI, if you used the IP address instead of the DNS name for the ShoreTel server when installing Call Manager, you will have to update the IP address for all of the clients as well.


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      You may also need to update the server registry with the server's IP address:

      HKLM/Software/Shoreline Teleworks/HQServerAddress

      ECook is correct about the DNS vs IP entry for the client, this info is also stored in the registry in the client computer. you can update this IP with a logon script quite nicely...
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