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  • Really Specific but yet awkward error

    Today my DTAS.exe (ShoreWare Distributed Telephony Application Service) process shut down causing all the softphones/call managers to fail.

    After researching the forums and the support shoretel database none of the issues match up.

    I am running version 7.5 build 12.14.1809.0.

    From what I have read the DTAS can fail if there is an issue with a registry key and it not pointing to the IP of the local host of the server. Also i only have one phone server. It is as if the dtas.exe service tripped over its own shoes and crashed.

    When I opened the task manager on the server, while the issue was happening; I noticed the DTAS was taking 75% of the CPU priority; maxing out both cores of the server. So needless to say I closed it and restarted the service. This fixed the issue; allowing all the softphone users/call managers to re-connect back to the server.

    My question: Has anyone ever seen this type if issue where the service just randomly fails and cant start back up?

    *I want to do a Memory test to make sure the memory sticks are not malfunctioning; but i will have to do this off hours for obvious reasons.

    I have also noticed that the MySQL service is restarting randomly throughout the night. Has anyone noticed any symptoms like this?

    Thanks for any replies,