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This site was created as a place to share stories, tips, and troubleshooting help with ShoreTel/Mitel systems. ShoreTel/Mitel is obviously the MOST exciting VoiP platform on the market right now, and we realized there was no centralized place to discuss this platform, but now there is. Please feel free to join and share your experiences.

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  • Office Anywhere & star codes

    Anyone have problems with doing extension transfers using the star codes assuming a call is sent to a mobile device using Office Anywhere? Specifically, we use AT&T for our cell phones (mostly Windows Mobile 6) but may see a few iPhones in the future.

    We're evaluating ShoreTel and one of the big features we want is the ability to transfer a call to an internal extension. I was told that iPhones are a problem because it won't do a hook flash (or something like that). Not sure if it's an AT&T thing or an iPhone issue. Any insight would be helpful!

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    I can tell you that (on 7.5) it works for us just fine on our iPhones, but based on your provider/phone your results may vary. For example, my T-Mobile flip phone (3 years old) isn't able to grab dial tone from the ShoreTel.


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      I also use Office Anywhere with my iPhone - and it works just fine. We are on 8.1. We have many users that use Office Anywhere and Find Me - Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, and a variety of non-PDA phones. We haven't found a device yet that doesn't work with these two features.


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        We have never been able to use the Office Anywhere codes on an external assignment call. Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5/iPhone 3Gs...nothing. external assignment works fine, but the device is then unable to manage the call from the pbx. Can't use the ** codes and any subsequent calls that come into the DID then route out to the wireless phone but aren't able to answer the call.


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          We have a number of users on almost every platform except the actual IPhones. All of them work fine including the star codes. I have heard of the hook flash issue on IPhones, if it is true then it is specific to the IPhone and not AT&T.


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            what happens wehn you're on your 1st office anywhere call, and get a second office anywhere call?


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              After further testing, the star codes do not work fine. Getting the first call works great, but the star codes do not.