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  • Network Configuration

    Hi - We are currently in the process of purchasing a Shoretel Phone system. We are discussing the best network configuration. I wanted to get some feed back on who is running the Data and Voice on the same network or have seperated them using Vlans or some other means, how many users, call volume, and how it performs overall. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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    There are a lot of threads on the forums about network infrastructure. I'd recommend a search to give you some background.

    Instead of asking others what they've done, it'd be better to share more about your environment and solicit specific feedback on your situation. After all, that is what really matters the most, right?


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      quick 'n dirty answer from oregon: 48 sites in the western states, 1200+ IP phones, 5 servers (1 HQ, 4 DVM). VLan'd Adtran and Procurve PoE switches, cisco 28xx routers running 12.2+ IOS (we buy new as we add sites). each site has PRI and/or POTS, depending upon size of the installation. MPLS and point-point T1 (aka clearline) WAN with QoS, all full T1 bandwidth. busier sites might have a couple of bonded T1s or bonded MPLS.

      thankfully, management listens when we tell 'em that infrastructure needs to be up to spec -- no cutting of corners. haven't had to install in an "iffy" site yet, not looking forward to that day. don't skimp on the network evaluation beforehand, it'll help save you gray hair and headaches and money spent on ibuprofen.....or install new cabling and gear.

      250,000+ calls per month, easy. no issues with call quality. even the last mile issues don't happen as often, mostly, and the shoretel system lives with those, too.

      suggest you follow mr burgy's recommendation. grab a pot of coffee, or a bottle of wine, and spend time over the weekend going through threads and forums. there's a lot of good stuff out there.