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  • How to leave voice msg on cell phone?

    In standard call handeling mode we want calls to our DID numbers auto forwarded to cell phone after X number of rings. Then if no answer on cell phone we want the voice mesg left on cell phone as it did with V7.5. Now those calls are returned to server and voice mesg is left on server instead of on cell phone. How do I change that? Should add that we just upgraded from V7.5 to V9.1.

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    Unless I'm missing something...

    1) Go to: Administration --> Users --> Individual Users --> [Your user with the DID you want to forward] --> Personal Options --> Edit Call Handling Modes: Standard --> Set "No Answer Destination:" to External: 9+1(555) 555-5555.

    2) Set "No Answer Number of Rings:" to X.

    Don't forget to click save!


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      You may need to make the ShoreTel try the cell phone for more rings to give chance for the voicemail on the cell operator to answer.
      In the appropriate call handling mode increase the "No Answer Number of Rings"
      It sounds as though the ShoreTel is giving up and following "No Answer" too soon which will direct the call to the cell phone instead.

      Incidentally, I use ShoreTel voicemail in preference to my Cell Operator. I divert my cell to my DID when I don't answer. You need to be careful not to divert your DID to your Cell, but use findme instead. (otherwise there is potential to loop the call between the cell and the ShoreTel and clog up the channels.)
      I use a blackberry so I have voicemail notifications emailed to my handset.

      I have a "Pickup Voicemail" Autoattendant on the ShoreTel which has a DID, when you dial in you get prompted for your extension number and password.
      I have reconfigured the speed dial key on my cell phone so that it dials the Pickup Voicemail DID, pauses and sends tones to enter my extension number and password.