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  • Can't get a simple analog port to work

    I have multiple ShoreGears; 120/24's and 60/12's. I just came to this job a few weeks ago so I'm still getting up to speed on the Shoretel line.

    On a 60/12 (ver 7.5 software), I had to move a fax number from one switch to another and it seemed as simple as making a change to the user; pointing the user to a different switch and port. I was also contending with possible wiring issues so I finally resorted to plugging it directly into the external port 9 and that worked.

    So, it appeared that my logic in moving the user (phone number) to a different switch as correct.

    We had to add analog lines at several locations and at one, with a 120/24, there was a RJ11 adapter plugged into the connector on the front of the switch. It has 12 ports and the first two were already in use. I noticed that the RJ11 plugs had four wires plugged into it so that might be part the the issue. I used ports 3 & 4. I also configured ports 3 & 4 exactly the same as 1 & 2 (the defined users for ports 1 - 4 are set up the same and each with it's own dial number. The dial numbers are in the range that's been defined) . So, why don't I get a dialtone on ports 3 & 4?

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something here but I can't seem to find it in any of the documentation.

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    The 12 port Harmonica is wired wrong for the 120/24 use the 24 port patch panel below.

    Panduit 24 RJ45 Port Patch Panel VP24382TV25Y

    Its pre-terminated for a 25 pair to connect from the patch panel to the SG120/24.
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