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  • See Custom Values on phone

    Is there a way to see custom config values in the IP 230? I am trying to increase the Tx gain on one IP230 set. I researched this thread: Also, I have instructions from ShoreTel via my partner that you can edit the settings of an individual phone be creating a file named <phone MAC addr>.txt in the ftp directory along with the base and custom files.

    I have done this, and I would like to see if there's a way to be sure my phone applied the configuration. Is there a way to see that it applied the <phone MAC addr>.txt configuration, or a way to see the actual TxGain value on the phone?

    If it matters, we are on 8.1.

    Thanks for the help.

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    If I recall you can telnet to the phone, login with the same credentials as if you are telnetting to a switch and enter this command:
    Before you can telnet to the phone you may need to enable telnet

    cd *\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\

    phonectl -pw 1234 -telneton <<IP ADDR>>}
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      That all sounds right except that on 8.1 you are going to have to provide a password with the telnet on command.

      cd *\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\

      phonectl -pw 1234 -telneton <<IP ADDR>>
      This is what the command should look like and then you can telnet to the phone to print the levels.


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        Thanks. I was able to telnet to the phone. It looks like the prtleveltabs command only shows the speaker volume sets. I am looking for the TxGain, or the gain for the microphone. Are there other commands for printing the other levels?


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          Hmm, I will try an experiment next week when I am back in the office.
          According to the maintenance guide:
          Displaying Gain Levels
          The prtleveltabs command can be used from telnet to display the gain levels for a device. For example, running this command on an IP 230 phone yielded the following output:
          Ringer volume: 130,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289
          Speaker volume: 258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289,16306
          Handset volume: 183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596
          Headset volume: 183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596
          The printed values represent the settings in the phone for RxGain1 to RxGain 10 for each device.
          These are the default levels:

          Configuring Audio Levels
          There are four sets of audio levels that can be custom configured: headset, handset, ringer, and speaker. Below are the default values for each type, except the 560G:
          HandsetLevels: 5157,183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596, 517,13,13
          HeadsetLevels: 6144,183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596, 917,13,13
          RingerLevels: 130,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289
          SpeakerLevels: 8192,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289,16 306,17,17

          The 560G phone's default levels are:

          HandsetLevels: 4096,183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596, 344,13,13
          HeadsetLevels (applies to phones using release 3.0.0):
          5157,183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,4596, 430,13,13

          HeadsetLevels (applies to phones using release 3.0.1):
          5157,92,129,183,258,364,515,816,1152,1627,2298,430 ,13,13
          To check which release your phone is using, press the Mute button while the phone is on-hook. Then, dial I-N-F-O on the keypad and press #. Continue pressing # to scroll through the information until you arrive at the Application File Name. If the name is s6gap_03_00_00.ebin, then your phone is using release 3.0.0.
          If the name is s6gap_03_00_01.ebin, then your phone is using release 3.0.1.

          RingerLevels: 205,290,410,579,817,1154,1631,2303,3254,4596
          SpeakerLevels: 8192,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289, 16306,17,17
          These numbers control the parameters below

          TxGain,RxGain1,RxGain2,RxGain3,RxGain4,RxGain5,RxG ain6,RxGain7,RxGain8,RxGai n9,RxGain10,SideTone,Handset DTMF Attenuation,Call Progress Tone Attenuation
          TxGain,RxGain1,RxGain2,RxGain3,RxGain4,RxGain5,RxG ain6,RxGain7,RxGain8,RxGai n9,RxGain10,SideTone,Headset DTMF Attenuation,Call Progress Tone Attenuation
          RxGain1,RxGain2,RxGain3,RxGain4,RxGain5,RxGain6,Rx Gain7,RxGain8,RxGain9, RxGain10
          TxGain,RxGain1,RxGain2,RxGain3,RxGain4,RxGain5,RxG ain6,RxGain7,RxGain8, RxGain9,RxGain10,SideTone,Speaker DTMF Attenuation,Call Progress Tone Attenuation
          The "TxGain" parameter sets the level of the audio transmitted from the phone onto the network. The "RxGain" values correspond to each of the 10 volume setting levels shown when one adjusts the volume on the phone. "SideTone" is the audio picked up from the microphone and transmitted to the speaker (speakerphone, handset or headset speaker) that provides feedback to the user that the phone is working.


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            Is there a way to see the other parameters when you telnet to the phone. Like the TXgain and sidetone settings.


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              davidbec - I was not able to see the TxGain level; I was able to see the volume settings, though. I was also able to verify my custom config file was applied; although this is done by pressing "mute info" on the phone.


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                Can someone post the complete syntax to be able to issue the prtlevels tab command?


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                  If I remember right (from 2009) it was just "prtlevels". I assume you tried and are having a problem. Have you succesfully telnetted to the phone in question?

                  Sorry for the typo; I meant prtleveltabs - as listed in ShoreTel_Dave's post #2.
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                    That second post is still how it is done.
                    Telnet to the phone as described
                    use the command prtlevelstab
                    It is all one word with no spaces and there are no arguments or parameters.


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                      I had a problem in the past where the prtleveltabs did not reflect the applied configuration

                      See my post here:

                      Try using prtaudCfgValues

                      ShoreTel_Dave and blanning's steps to telnet to the phone are correct.


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                        I was able to enable telnet to the endpoint, but when I would issue the command to telnet to the device, I would get the response that telnet was not a recognized command. I had to go add the telnet feature in server management .

                        Now that I am able to get in and issue the prtleveltabs My next question is... Users that are using headsets are complaining that they can't hear. We have 230 phones. I have edited the sevcustom.txt file to be as follows;

                        # Please consult Shoreline support before editing or deleting this file
                        HeadsetLevel :6144,130,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,102 89,1375,13

                        After rebooting the phone and checking the prtlevetabs command, It appears that the custom settings did not get applied. While rebooting the phone, I have noticed that the number of bytes have changed for the sevcustom.txt file so it would appear that the changes I make in the file are being downloaded.

                        When I telnet to the phone and issue the prtleveltabs command this is what I see;

                        -> prtleveltabs
                        Ringer volume:206,289,410,578,817,1154,1630,2303,3253,459 6
                        Speaker volume:258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,5786,7284,1 0286
                        Handset volume:183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,459 6
                        Headset volume:183,258,365,516,728,1029,1631,2303,3254,459 6
                        value = 60 = 0x3c = '<'

                        We are running ST 13. Any ideas why the custom config is not reflected in the prtleveltabs?


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                          Did you read my post above yours? Try the prtaudCfgValues command after you telnet into the phone and see if that reflects the values you applied in the custom config file.


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                            Yes I used the prtaudCfgValues command and it reflects the same default values.