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  • 50V and moving Mailboxes

    OK, this is going to be a long winded post.

    Here's the deal. We have a single site setup on our relatively new ShoreTel system. That single site is in a remote location with it's own ShoreGear 50V switch. The HQ server is in our data center at our headquarters location. The HQ location is not using the ShoreTel system yet.

    In order to do some maintenance for an unrelated issue, I moved all of the mailboxes off of my 50V switch to the HQ server for a temporary location to have them. I did this as instructed by ShoreTel support. That worked fine (Moving the mailboxes from the 50V to HQ). I did not use batch update, I just went into each individual user and changed the field "Mailbox on Server" and saved. However after the maintenance was finished, I went back into director and switched the mailbox back to my 50V. The mailboxes moved back to the 50V switch, but all the messages were lost. Anytime I try and move mailboxes from HQ to the 50V, I get errors in the event logs with the Event ID 1019. The text of the error is "A voice message sent to voice mail server FTWAYNE50V has been returned." The messages never show up on the 50V and are deleted from the HQ, so they are in effect lost.

    I know that in order to move a mailbox the servers communicate with each other using the SMTP protocol. I don't want to get into the issue of losing the messages as I have already expressed my extreme anger to ShoreTel support and the managers over there. Anyways I have had the issue about being unable to move mailboxes open with support for over a month now and they can't seem to get their head out of their butts and figure it out. So at this point I am unable to move any mailboxes from HQ to the 50V switch. I think we have figured it out that the HQ server is sending the SMTP message that it should be sending to the voicemail switch to my mail server. I don't know why it is doing this. In the IIS configuration, under the SMTP setup, I have my mail server IP address in the Smart host field, but "attempt direct delivery before sending to smart host" is checked. I have tried taking that out and it still does not resolve the issue, and voicemail notification e-mails do not get delivered if I take it out.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I seem to think that it is a defect in the way the software is written that IIS doesn't know the difference between the voicemail notification e-mails and the e-mails that the switches uses to communicate with each other. However I can't get ShoreTel to take ownership of the problem. Anyone willing to tell me how their setup works? My mail server is Domino/Lotus Notes, not exchange, if that matters. Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I am getting no help from ShoreTel support.


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    Same Problem!

    I am having the same issue, did you ever get this resolved?


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      Do you know what email address(es) the ShoreTel server is trying to send the messages to?


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        If it is any help, the messages that failed to be sent may be located in the "badmail" folder under inetpub/smtproot
        The ones that look like emails (I don't remember the file extension, but in any case they will be the larger files with MIME encoded WAV attachments) when you open them in notepad with headers at the top can be dropped into the maildrop folder and they will be processed again.
        You might also find other messages in there with, I think, .BAD as the file extension - but this might apply to the messages above. If you open these up you will see error messages about what caused them to be BAD.

        If there are any clever firewall devices between your V switch and the other mail servers, they may need to be configured to allow SMTP traffic though unimpeded between these hosts. Your messages in the Badmail folder will likely make it obvious what the problem is.