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  • Dialing extensions from auto attendant menu

    I setup a new menu system for our company and I'm having a problem. It's supposed to work like this:

    Press 1: Takes you to a menu where you can dial any extension
    Press 2: Transfers to our Accounting Dept
    Press 3: Transfers to our Shipping Dept

    Etc., etc.

    The problem is that when people press 1, they go to the menu I created but they can't dial any extension once there. Whenever they try to dial an extension they get a message that says "I don't understand that request".

    Can you only direct dial extensions from the main menu? We're using version 7.5 by the way.

    Thanks for any help!

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    In the "dial extension" menu check the multiple digits, it should be set to transfer to extension, by the sounds of it that is what you are missing. Sub menus default multiple digits to "none"


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      Thank you! That was it. I knew I was overlooking something simple!

      Thanks again!