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  • Caller ID & Make Number Private

    I am familiar w/ both the Caller ID setting and the Make Number Private setting. However, I am wondering if there is a work around to using both of those feature together.

    The Caller ID works great to send a different number than your actual extension, but your internal extension still shows as the actual extension unless your choose the Make Number private feature.

    The problem comes in that once you choose Make Number Private you know show up as Unknown Caller when you call external numbers.

    Is there a way to both hide (or mask) your extension inside the company's ShoreTel network, and at the same time send an actual phone number alias as the Caller ID on external calls?

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    Us too!

    We are having the same problem. I am curious if there is an answer to this. We use NuVox and have been told by them that there is some directory that Bellsouth controls that needs to be updated and that that happens whenever Bell gets around to it.


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      I think the best way would be to use "make number private", then you need the telco to insert the BTN there.

      Also, a problem that I have had with Paetec is that they will not allow calls coming from the PBX if they are marked as private.