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  • How do I move a DID from one switch to another?

    On the surface, this seemed simple enough. I am a total newbie to ShoreTel switches.

    We had a fax machine plugged into an analog port of a Shoregear 120/24 and I needed to move it to a Shoregear 60/12 in another office. The key to this move is that I needed to keep the DID or phone number the same.

    We have version 7.5 running. I am very certain that I have continuity on the physical connection; end-to-end (toned it).

    However, in Shoreware Director, when I unchecked one of the ports (12) and used the last two pins on the wiring block, I got no dial tone. Assuming that the cabling (done by a reputable cabling company) may have been done non-sequentially, I began a slow process of trying each of the 12 analog ports in Director thinking that at least one of them had to be the actual/physical pair on the wiring block (pins 23 & 24). I've tried every port on the 60/12 for that "user" to no avail. I did change the switch that the user was assigned to as well as making sure that all the other settings on the user account pages were the same as other working fax machines in the company.

    So, now I'm trying to figure out if it's a simple thing that due to lack of Shoreware director knowledge, I may be overlooking.
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    Go into the FAX user and change the home port to the 60/12, last port 12. On the 66M50 block you should have dial tone on pair 23 on the block, the thrid set on pins from the bottom.