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  • Connecting a ShoreTel system via Wireless (Questions)

    I'm interested in connecting a ShoreTel system wirelessly and I have a few questions. I have two locations across the street from each other which are connected via a wireless router (a generic $50 Linksys, 802.11G). Would it work to have 5 phones at that location communicating to the main site over that wireless connection?

    If it wouldn't work, why? If it would work, I understand reliability would be an issue but would it affect call-quality or is it that it simply may go down sometimes?

    Also, I did a small amount of research into wireless PTP and came across many products like the Motorola PTP 200 (RfWeL - Rf Wireless Electronics :: Long Range Wireless Bridges :: Motorola PTP 200 Series Wireless Bridge). What's the difference between that expensive product and a cheap linksys?

    How would you handle this situation?


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    If you are willing to accept half ass results, then the cheap wireless routers will be fine.

    I did a similar install recently with two cisco access points across a street. Link is rock solid, no issues. The link came up without antennas from across the street.... it did drop some packets without antennas though.

    If you are going to have anything other than phones over the link, make sure you enable QOS.

    You should be in the 500-900 dollar range per access point for something business quality. Get a semi directional antenna and aim them towards each other.

    If you use those linksys routers, you better put them on a timer so they are automatically power cycled every night..... they lock up all the damn time.


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      We're also a wireless internet service provider, so I have a ton of relevant experience in this field.

      First, don't even consider running anything across a Linksys that requires reliability. If this other location doesn't need reliable voice, then sure, go for it.

      Second, 802.11g routers are running in 2.4 ghz, along with everything else in the world, which means interference can be a problem. Interference means lots of retries, which will dramatically affect voice. If you're out in the woods and nobody's around, then this is probably not as much a concern. Keep in mind, microwaves, cordless phones, bluetooth headsets, baby monitors, electric fences and any number of other things run in 2.4 ghz.

      The Motorola PTP200 that you linked is likely to be a decent product. We aren't huge Motorola fans here, and that link is a little pricey for what you get, but if you aren't running a ton of bandwidth and the link is short, you'll be fine. Most importantly, it should be reliable.

      As eazeaz said, if you're going to have other traffic running across the link, particularly in a bridging configuration, you're going to have to find some way to prioritize VOIP traffic ahead of data. Luckily, Shoretel supports TOS tagging, so you'd just need some wireless gear or switches on either end that recognize TOS prioritization.


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        I had to do the same thing also to run phones in another location accross the street.

        Ended up running about 550 feet of black Cat6 accross the street on the telephone poles in the middle of the night


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          That wire was there when we moved in........