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  • Call Manager showing phantom calls

    Today, I had a workgroup supervisor ask me why he couldn't silent monitor calls anymore. From his PCM, I clicked on one of his people that had 1 call connected and the silent option was grayed out. Then another call came in and the silent monitor button lit up. As soon as the second call was terminated, the silent monitor went gray.

    It looks like the call is a phantom since I was able to confirm that this person did not have any connected calls (and verified that there wasn't a trunk in use either).

    I figured PCM was just buggy and needed a reboot. After rebooting the PC, the same problem came back.

    At this point I went to another PC, created a new supervisor for the same group and the problem was there too.

    It's not a huge problem but it is very odd.

    Any ideas? I have attached pictures of the PCM phantom call.
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    Notice this is an on hook pickup call. These are initiated when a workgroup agent picks a call out of the queue. ShoreTel models this as a new call showing up on the agent's line in the tcsOnHookPickup state, which then transitions to the tcsConnected state after the pickup is complete.

    I have not determined why these calls show up this way, but I have seen them before. My suspicion is that two agents tried to grab the same call at the same time, so ShoreTel initiated the pickup call on the line but the target call vanished before the pickup completed. These phantom calls can be hung up from call manager.


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      Note that silent monitor only works for calls in a particular state (Connected and maybe Hold). This is why the button is unavailable.