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  • can not connect to shoreware server message

    Hi I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with this problem?

    We are running shoretel and the call manager on each person's desktop. The call manager every so often through out each day will disconnect on desktops at different times and it does not happen to all desktops but I would say about 50 percent of them. The error message we get states "Can not connect to shoreware server"

    We are running the shoretel system on a VLAN.

    I am certain I have left out details but I am not exactly sure what those details are just yet.



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    Do you have any other networking issues?


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      If you have a proxy try to add the ShoreTel server name/IP to the bypass proxy option on the web browser of the computer (or if you use active directory add it to a GPO for all users for IE). Fixed all disconnect issues I had which were completely random. Not sure why but I think it doesn't see the server as a local address so it tries to go through the proxy.