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  • Call Manager connect/disconnect messages in Windows System Tray

    I keep getting connect and disconnect messages on the Windows System Tray in the lower right hand corner. This is happening to all users. This is a new install. Any idea why this is happening? Could my Microsoft ISA Firewall be causing this?

    Thank you.

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    Very probably the Internet Explorer proxy settings that are causing this problem.
    It should go away if you put the name and ip addresses of the ShoreWare Director server as proxy exceptions.


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      Thank you for the reply. Is the Call Manager software somehow connected with Internet Explorer? I'll try your suggestion today and post back with the results.

      Originally posted by ShoreTel_Dave View Post
      Very probably the Internet Explorer proxy settings that are causing this problem.
      It should go away if you put the name and ip addresses of the ShoreWare Director server as proxy exceptions.


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        Originally posted by ToughD View Post
        Is the Call Manager software somehow connected with Internet Explorer?.
        Only that some of the communication from PCM back to the HQ server is over http.
        Probably down to the API that was used for that part of PCM.
        Even The Matrix has to use Microsoft APIs
        YouTube - Matrix Runs on Windows XP


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          Added the exclusions in IE and that did not resolve the issue. Anything else that could be causing it?


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            Server 2008 by chance?


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              Do you really have an ISA firewall between your users and the shoretel server?

              if so, remove ISA, remove the problem........ if possible......


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                Small Business Server 2003 with ISA 2004.
                If ISA was causing the problem then wouldn't the Call Manager just either be connected or not connected? When firewalls cause programs to not work correctly they just block it entirely not intermittently.
                Any other suggestions?

                Thank you.


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                  Windows XP? Vista?


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                    Would it be possible for you to test if it really is ISA by turning off the proxy settings on an effected machine and see if the PCM stays connected OK?


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                      Bypass the proxy

                      We use ISA as a transparent proxy. All clients use it as their default gateway. The router used by the ISA server for WAN access is different than the router used for routing between our voice and data LANs. To simplify the configuration, I added a static route to the clients using DHCP option 249, Classless Static Routes. This bypasses the ISA server for all traffic to only the ShoreTel server.

                      If you're routing to the server ip, use as the snm, if you're routing to the subnet, use the appropriate mask.

                      Good luck!


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                        We are also having this connect/disconnect problem. We also run ISA server. When Call manager disconnects it generally reconnects within five seconds.

                        We do not configure the proxy settings in IE. We run the Mocrosoft ISA firewall client on PCs. We have one ISA server in our HQ site, where the ShoreTel server is also located.

                        The disconnect problem does not seem to afffect users who are on the same LAN as the ShoreTel serever. But pretty much all users at remote sites suffer the connect/disconnects. The operators are the ones who seem to notice it the most as they are effected by even the quick disconnects.

                        We have tried uninstalling the ISA firewall client software (which prevents Internet access) but the problem still occured.

                        Our installer is looking for solutions, but still has been unable to fully explain this. The problem has been occuring since our initial Shoretel install which began December 2008.

                        We had two users (out of about 15 users running Operator Call Manager) at remote sites who did NOT experience this problem. One of those two just received a new PC, and started experiencing the connect/disconnects. We are going to try to hook the old PC back up and see if the problem goes away.

                        I would really like to hear from others who are using ShoreTel and ISA accross a WAN... whether or not they are experiencing the disconnect probelm.


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                          any other news on this subject?


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                            I am not an ISA guy, but from a strictly network perspective this sounds an awful lot like there is some intermittent latency or dropped packet issue going through the ISA. I would look down that avenue by running some captured pings as well as latency tests before trying anything else. Once a PCM client has connection again to the server it will take several seconds for it to sync up and say so, so five second disconnects sound like hardly any more than the re-sync time to me. Jitters of that size would never be noticed on a purely data perspective, but voice applications are so real time you start to see that sort of thing being magnified into real problems.