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  • NTP Server

    I've got a system with about 150 phones spread out over the Texas Panhandle, all displaying the wrong time because of a weird network issue we're experiencing with time servers (they won't grab the time from a server on their same subnet). I found a fix for the problem by using one of the domain controllers as the ntp server but all the phones are unfortunately set up with static IP addresses due to a lack of VLANing here. A problem I hope to fix in the future.

    My problem now is people are starting to complain about the wrong time on their phones. Is there anyway to reassign the NTP server, or IP address of the phone for that matter, remotely? I tried the vxWorks bootchange command but didn't see a place for time server or anywhere an IP address could be changed.

    Any thoughts?

    -Aaron Evans

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    I believe you can put a line that will override the SNTP source on the phone into the custom configuration file for each of the phone types. Syntax:


    After adding the entry you will have to reboot each phone for it to take effect. Test one and if it works just reboot them all from Director after hours.

    PM me if you need any assistance, we are in your general neighborhood.