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  • Passing caller ID and number dialed information?


    Lets say I have a person set up in 2 different groups, each with a different department name or even a different business name within the parent company.

    If a customer calls one line & the call gets routed to this person, does Shoretel have the ability to let the person know not only the caller ID of the caller, but what line they called into?

    In other words, the person is in both department X & department Y, if a caller calls the department X number, my person needs to know how to answer "thank you for calling department X" How will he know what number the caller called into?

    I know call manager has the ability to display that information, but what if my person routes the call to another number? (out of office)

    Is that a possibility? If not, is there a way we can do this?

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    Could you use external assignment and a VPN to run call manager when they forward the call out-of-office?

    Other than that, there's not any built-in mechanism for this. There's a number of ways to reach your goal via a custom. Showing it in the caller ID may be one of the harder ways, but doable.