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  • Duplex setting on 'V' models switchs. 90BriV

    Hi, I am have trouble forcing the duplex settings on the new V model of switches.

    I have a 90BriV, and this is how I have been told to set the duplex settings.
    1)With console cable on boot hit any key to stop boot loader.
    2)Issue the command (setenv flags 0x30040)
    3)Then issue saveenv
    4)Then issue printenv to see if the new settings took hold.
    5)Then restart the unit.

    Now from what I have read 0x30040 should set the interface to 100mb Full duplex with DHCP enabled.

    Obviously in prodution I wouldn't have the unit on DHCP , but I am just testing this before I ship it to site.

    If I look in the 'Quick Look' in director or in the cli on the 90BriV using mii-tool, the eth0 interface says it is still set to Auto.

    Any ideas. Am I doing this wrong.