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  • 2003 Terminal server, Shoretel 7.5 Call Manager, Getting Started Wizard

    We are currently running Shoretel 7.5 (current build is 12.14.4002.0, but this issue has been going on for many many versions now).

    We have a Windows 2003 Terminal server with approximately 45 users. The call manager software is installed here and works just fine for all users. The issue is that every few months when people log on (myself included) they get the call managers Getting Started Wizard. This happened again this morning and there is nothing I am aware of that changed between yesterday and today. The terminal server had all recent updates applied last weekend which is the last time it was rebooted and the last time updates of any sort were applied. This being the case I could understand if an update did something to trigger the wizard to show up, but this would have happened on Monday not today (Friday). Note: Last weekend was the last time the shoretel servers were updated or rebooted too.

    Any thoughts on why this might be happening?


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    Here is part of an email I sent to one of our customers a while back after I encountered (and fixed) this issue for them:

    In order to prevent the ShoreTel Call Manager software configuration for each user being written back to installation defaults, I have removed the ShoreTel entries from the registry shadow as per work around 3 in the following Microsoft KB article.

    Programs can revert to the default settings on Terminal Server

    Hope that helps you too...