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  • Find menu destinations in CDR

    :detectiveoes anyone know how to report on which menus were hit by an incoming call in the CDR? I have looked in the connect table, it shows destinations the call went to, but for all the voice menus, incoming call destination looks to be 1104 for Auto Attendant. I am trying to figure out which menu was accessed by the call. Working in MYSQL vers of CDR. ver 7.X or 8.1, they seem pretty similar. Looked at Schema data in Admin guide but there is not enough detail there. Logic says it has to be there somewhere everything else is... Any help would be appreciated...

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    This information is not stored in the CDR.


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      Thanks for your quick reply,

      Could it be stored somewhere else? Logs?
      Hard to believe there is not a way to get it somehow???
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        Probably from the lines like this in the vmail log files:

        11:04:01.470 ( 2868: 2088) [PM] ID's Call 0x91d3130b Caller 111 Called 115 Conn 111
        11:04:01.470 ( 2868: 2088) [PM] Call GUID 00020000-0013-4a8b-eb97-0010490b0267

        11:04:32.668 ( 2868: 2088) [PM] ID's Call 0x8ccf39bc Caller 111 Called 116 Conn 111
        11:04:32.668 ( 2868: 2088) [PM] Call GUID 00020000-0014-4a8b-eb97-0010490b0267

        2088 is a thread ID that you can use to relate the first to the second record. Called is the menu. You can connect this to the CDR based on the call GUID.


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          Thanks for your help, I will try the report using the logs.