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  • Shoretel 8.1 and Windows 7

    First off I know it's totally unsupported so am not expecting any magic bullets here. This is only a question for me and my laptop and since I'm the admin I'm just playing around.
    I installed Windows 7 (32 Bit) and Office 2007 on my laptop. Added the CDO objects, and installed SCM on my laptop.
    Its working fine. Except for one thing. I cannot get the Voice Mail Integration installed.
    When I try I get the error:
    Outlook Voice Mail Integration did not install properly. Please Contact your system administrator (thatís me!).
    Has anyone else tried this and found a work around?
    I mean Ill live with it. I'm just glad I have Call Manager at all, but I thought I would toss this out.

    Thanks guys!

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    My guess would be PCM is not detecting that the computer has audio capabilities. It does this if you install it on a server.


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      Actually I got it working fine.
      I changed the compatability mode to Vista SP2 and then selected Run as Administrator under the same tab.
      Works like a charm now!