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  • Emulating Key System

    Trying to determine an easy way to emulate a key system for outbound. Basically small company with like 6 lines total. Four companies run out of the office. Any user needs to be able to select the appropriate company CO line to make an outbound call.

    The only thing that I can think of is different access codes. Any other thoughts?


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    Have you looked at bridged call appearances? I can't remember off-hand if they can be tied to a specific trunk group or not. But then that would assume you are using phones with 4+ line appearances... If not then yes, your best answer would be access codes. I would use 2-digit codes... 11, 12, 13, 14 etc.


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      I did look at the BCA, but I do not see anyway that you can have it select specific lines. It looks like I will have to set it up as individual access codes.


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        This sounds like a job for Bridged Call Appearances and the IP212k handset.


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          Originally posted by ShoreTel_Dave View Post
          This sounds like a job for Bridged Call Appearances and the IP212k handset.
          Actually there is no way to do this outbound with BCA's at the moment. We have re-hashed this several times with ShoreTel trying to satisfy small companies that do not desire to move to a PBX style line setup for whatever reason. A BCA works great for the incoming calls, but will not allow you to specify a specific trunk (or trunk group) for the outbound call when you press the button as idle. We have even looked for a workaround to allow a single button stroke to dial an access code (thus simulating grabbing a single trunk if you have different access codes for all of them) but ShoreTel does not as of the moment allow any of their buttons to be programmed this way.

          If anyone does come up with a work around I would love to hear it!


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            Key system

            For the outbound calling you could keep everyone using dial code 9. Just create different user groups for each company and assign the desired trunk group to each companies user group.

            You could combine this with BCA's to simulate a key style system for inbound calling.

            This would not be exactly like a key system, but about as close as you could get with a Shoretel which was never designed to be a key system.

            Good Luck