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  • Determine What Number was Dialed into PRI

    We have several hundred numbers mapped onto our PRI. Many of these numbers we don't use yet as DID, they just go into the default destination for inbound calls in that trunk group.

    My question is how can we determine what number the caller dialed?

    We can see the caller ID of the person calling. We can see where the call goes in ShoreTel.

    But we want to know what number the caller dialed.

    Any suggestions on where to start looking? I've tried looking in the C:\ShoreLine Data\Logs. I can find the call in the records but I don't see the number actually called. And we've looking in the Call Manager History Properties Call Route.


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    Have you tried the report tool on the HQ server? This tool has been useful for us so we purchased the remote web reporting tool in order to run the same reports from Director.

    I can't remember the exact report that I ran to get the info you are looking to find. I was able to use this tool to track a inbound CID to the called number in order to see where the call finally landed.

    Good luck.


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      You can run the Trunk Activity Detail Report in Director>Reporting>Reports. Its the same report whether you are running directly from the server or from the web interface. This displays all of the trunk information for the given date and time you enter.

      To narrow your search you will need that callers Caller ID and the date and time they called in. Provided of course they sent Caller ID.
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        Trunk Activity Detail Report

        I ran the report and it does indeed show the "Dialed #" and the "Calling #".

        So, that's a good answer.




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          You should be able to see this in the call manager software too, assuming the user that was called had it running.


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            Application Eventlog ID 1332

            Try and filter your event log to show event ID 1332

            Event Type: Information
            Event Source: ShoreWare
            Event Category: Switch
            Event ID: 1332
            Date: 19/08/2009
            Time: 08:54:14
            User: N/A
            Computer: HQ
            Switch SG90-01: Trunk received digits 078 (no match), redirected to 29700


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              Event 1332

              ShoreTel Dave -

              Wow! :rockon:

              That is a great tip! Thanks for that - I've always wanted to better visibility into those calls that fall into the default destination - with event 1332 I can much better see those. That combined with the detail trunk activity are super.

              Thank you so much.