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  • Help setting up Workgroup

    Has anyone got a dicks guide on how to setup a Workgroup ?

    Dont mean to be dull but ive never done it before .. ( and I have an Unforgiving Boss ....... so I dont want to cock it up)

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    What specific setup do you need? Most of it is very straightforward.


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      I was just after a step by step guide so I dont miss anything really.

      Its a Work group split up over 3 sites.

      If its straight forward I guess i'll be ok.


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        Ralph, I don't know what a “Dick's guide” is and "Cocking it up" sounds like work place inappropriate behavior, although I don’t know how you guys do things in Saskatchewan. That said here is a general step by step for workgroups I wrote up real quick. If you need specific help, as workgroups can do quite a bit, just post again. Good luck.

        1. Click on workgroups
        2. Add new
        3. Name the Workgroup
        4. Change the extension to fit in your dial plan.
        5. Assign a DID/DNIS if needed.
        6. Click Edit Agents and add all of the Agents. (you can select multiple agents)
        7. Double click each agent to log them in.
        8. Click save
        9. Click return to this workgroup
        10. Click Edit Queue Handing.
        11. Add any verbiage, audio recordings and dial options for each step as needed.
        12. Click Save.
        13. Click return to this workgroup.
        14. Select the schedule if needed.
        15. Select the Call Handling.
        16. Record the mailbox greeting.
        17. Click Save.
        18. Make test calls to the workgroup.


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          Thanks jstewart ... this is exactly what I was after ..... sorry about my Slang .. im from the UK where they speak the worst English in the World ...