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  • External Voicemail option.

    Currently, our company requires employees that need to access voice mail from outside call a particular number. (enter # blah blah)

    But they can also call the companies main number and (enter # blah blah). But we have an answering service for after hours call handling. It doesn't even go to auto attendant, it's straight to the external answering service.

    So, what we're trying to do is somehow incorporate the # option into the main number while still allowing it to call the answering service.

    Something like a "Thank you for calling Blahbity Blah, please press # for voice mail or hold for attendant" so after 5 seconds, it then calls the external answering service.

    This make sense to anyone?

  • #2
    Setup an Auto Attendant with your "Thank you for calling Blahbity Blah..." recording and set the timeout to 5 seconds.
    Set the # option to "Go to Menu" and specify your "Voicemail Login" extension.
    Set the timeout option to go to a Route Point that forwards to your outside answering service number.