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  • ShoreGear 90v Backup

    I am trying to do daily ftp backups of our new 90v voicemail switches. I follow the instructions in the Admin guide to create the ftp service, ports, login and password. The issue I am having is that I get an 4271 error, "Voicemail backup failed with error: ftpsync - can't login to remote ftp server." Has anyone seen this?

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    Can you log in to the FTP server you set up using the info you supplied and a FTP client?


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      No I can't. Here is the weird thing, I can't log into the new FTP site using any credentials, or anonymously. I have set it up per the instructions in the Admin guide with no luck. I have compared it's settings to the Default FTP site settings which work. I am not a server person so I have no idea what to try next.