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  • Issue with PCM 8.1 post install

    have PCM running on windows 7, it has been running fine, i had to reinstall it and it reinstalled fine however, now none of the tabs show up on the bottom and it almost looks like there is some type of scripting like active x or something missing. I am attaching a screenshot. if anyone has seen this or might know whats wrong. please help me.

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    Can you post a larger screenshot? That is unreadable.


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      try this, now in jpg
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        This is the default Contacts window view before you have added any contacts. If you click on Windows and choose one of the other windows, they should open just fine.


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          yes, i understand that, thats why i am wondering whats wrong, i can't get to any of the other windows, and as you can see, the bottom don't have the tabs. All this worked prior. But it looks like theres and active x or java applet missing based on seeing the blue !


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            That cannot be it. Call Manager does not use any plugins for the display of those tabs.

            Could it be that your other windows have wandered off somewhere else, such as nearly off-screen or something? They can be floated...


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              I've had that same problem (only on xp or vista). It was usually a result of installing PCM, then not rebooting immediately after. Its always been a pain to fix, usually involving a complete uninstall of PCM and reinstall. (with reboots along the way.)

              Probably wouldn't hurt to upgrade/reinstall .NET before reinstalling PCM.