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  • Voice Text To Email

    Prior to our recent upgrade to 9.1 we had several MailBox Only Accounts setup to catch voicemail from customers if there was no one there to take their call. The mailbox had the Email Address of Distribution Group, that would email the group and let them know they had a new message.
    Since the upgrade though its all stopped. Voice Mail works, you can leave a message, but the system no longer sends a text email to the group for notification.

    The Distro Group works in exchange, I have tracked messages through exchange, and it seems that shoretel just isn't sending the messages.

    Does anyone know what else I can check? I have seen things about SMTP & IIS setting, but nothing about what they are supposed to be.

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    You need to configure IIS's SMTP service to relay outgoing email through your existing mail server.


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      Its configured, it was prior to the upgrade, but since the upgrade its as if ShoreTel just stopped sending the messages entirely.. I'm not getting any logs from the mail system saying that its even receiving connection requests to sent mail.


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        In site setup there is a box for entering the email server address (SMTP server relay). Have you checked this? Does the Ping button on that work?

        If this does not reveal anything, leave a voicemail then go check the voicemail log files in the ShoreLine Data folder. There should be additional diagnostic info in there. The file you need is probably Vmail-xxxxxxxxx.log


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          I think we got it resolved. It was really flaky the way it was working. Some messages would go straight through and some wouldn't at all. In the end we setup a new connector on our exchange server and pointed the VoiceMail server to it directly, and it worked fine. After that we removed the connector and it continued to work. I think our mail gateway wasn't getting something in the SMTP header that it was requiring. But its functioning correctly now that we have it by passing that.