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  • Analog Fax Lines

    We have two new analog fax machines that have been connected. Our analog lines have been cross connected the ShoreTel ports. When I try to configure the switch, I see the ports are "Available". However, when I try to set up a user for the fax lines, the ports do not appear in the port drop down list. Am I missing something. I'm still rather new to ShoreTel in general and would appreciate any help or direction. Thanks.

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    Which port number are you trying to use? the lower number ports usually only support Analog turnks, not lines. Make a higher port number "available", and try that...

    just an idea.


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      I am trying to use ports 7 and 8, both of which are selected as "Available" in the drop-down box. I couple of higher ports are already in use.


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        Which model of ShoreGear switch are you attempting to connect?


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          The ports are on a ShoreGear 90 Switch.


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            That's your problem. Only ports 9-12 can be analog extensions on an SG90.


            Check out the top left corner of the second page, it lists the ports and their use.