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  • 9.1 - HQ server ip address change process

    so my shoretel partner and i were prepared to change the HQ server ip address this morning, which first step is to always telnet into switches and change the server IP on switch. What we found out is after we made the change and restarted the switches; they came up with the old ip address; NOT the new one we entered after telneting into switches. so i said what the heck, let's try to change the server ip address and see what happens...turns out the switches knew the server ip address changed and adjusted not sure if anyone else has or will run into this; but from our findings you don't need to change the server ip address on the switches if you are changing the HQ server ip address....strange but true.

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    We have just change over the IP on our HQ Server. We have found the same behavior. We had a phone call with the ShoreTel techs and they seem not to know about this. I would sure like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same. We are running version 8.1.


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      we also were surprised to find this when changing the server ip. i think we were on 8.1 when we did it. we also called shoretel and it was news to them. oh well


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        In my experience, ShoreTel has always strongly discouraged changing the boot settings of the switches via telnet (with configuration via the serial port being the recommended option). I believe the newer behavior of the switch receiving the server IP addressing from the server itself was a necessary change in version 9 to permit the new off-site disaster recovery capability (using DoubleTake of course). At least I don't remember this happening on 8.1 or earlier.