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  • Workgroup / Agent Reporting

    Anybody know where / which table(s) holds the "Selected Agents" for a Workgroup. We use Top Down for routing and Management would like a report created (Crystal) for displaying the flow for each Workgroup.


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    Agent status should be in either the Users table or the WorkgroupAgents table. The association of users to workgroups is in the WorkgroupAgents table.


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      OK Then....

      Lets ask the question this way...

      Via Crystal or SQL Query (using st_cdrreport and root). I do not see a Agent or WorkGroupAgents table. Are these kept in a different schema /db?


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        These are in ShoreTel's configuration database, which is not intended to be accessible to outside users. This information is not made available directly in CDR.


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          Not Intended or Not Accessable.

          Is there a way I can access this data?


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            On ShoreTel 8 and over, this is in a mysql database named shoreware. Before 8 it is in an Access database in the Shoreline Data folder.

            You can reach the mysql database by logging in as root/shorewaredba from the machine itself.


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              We are still on 7, found the folder... thank you..


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                Mr French,
                My company is developing a Call Accounting system that connects to the Shoretel SQL database and reports workgroup and individual call activity, as well as dropped calls. This application is a native win32 Dot Net binary that runs on Windows XP. I need some beta testers right now.

                PM me to get on the beta test wagon!