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  • call manager not connecting to server


    we have users who cannot not view voicemails in call manager or log into workgroups. They can however listen to VM's and log in manually via the phone. I attempted to uninstall call manager and reinstall however when i enter the username, password and server name I receive an error stating that call manager could not connect to the server. From another users PC i did the ctrl+F12 from the quick dial and CSIS reports "event channel is not healthy; error code is 0xC1100969 CSIS_REMOTE_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE". We do not have any remote sites everything is local, so it shouldn't be going through the proxy and there is no firewall that traffic is passing through to get to the shortel server. Everything was working fine as of yesterday. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    When in doubt.....

    reboot the shoretel server


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      Thanks for the quick response. We had thought of doing that but didn't want to bring the server down in the middle of the day. Workgroups are still functioning correctly if they log in manually over the phone and we don't have hunt groups set as a fail over for the workgroups. Rebooting would kill the workgroups as far as I know.



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        You might try running iisreset on the server. This restarts only the IIS web server, which is CSIS's communication mechanism. Workgroups will not be affected by this, but any functioning call managers will be disconnected momentarily and softphones may drop calls.


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          Thank you for the info. We decided to reboot the server during lunch; I set up Hunt groups as backup. The server is backup and everything is now functional.

          Pallito Consulting: I will remember that if we run into this in the future.

          Thanks again.


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            Just for research purposes, can you look and see if your shoretel server installed any microsoft security patches last night?

            The only problems we have with our shoretel server are:
            1. When someone logs in with remote desktop client and has audio redirection turned on (shoretel should fix this in their base install of the server somehow... cant be that hard)
            2. Windows updates install - especially the kind that require a restart (sounds backwards I know). It seems that after the restart, the patches "finalize" their installations. During this time, many services dont fully start or work properly. We see this with exchange boxes..... after a restart due to patches, the System attendant will sometimes not start.....


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              We found that our problem with this was that our proxy was blocking this traffic. All you have to do is add either the host name or ip address of the ShoreTel server to the exceptions list in internet options:
              Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Advanced > Exceptions [add the ip address or hostname to list]
              Our problem was when we added this to the list, we added it as instead of just the server hostname and/or ip address.


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                Sorry to bump an old thread, but thought this might help others in the future.

                If your Server OS is 2008 R2 64bit, and when you perform a CSIS ping, do you receive an Error 500 message?

                If so, check the following setting:

                Open IIS7, expand your server, highlight Application Pools.
                Right-click CSISAppPool, select Advanced Settings.

                In the dialog box, set the "Enable 32-bit applications" is set to TRUE.

                This does NOT require a reboot.