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  • Shoretel IP Phone 265

    Good Evening Everyone,

    We are running ShoreTel 7.5, we recently got a hold of some of the ShoreTel 265 IP phones, we noticed that on the Shoretel server it does not have the required ftp files for this phone. I.E. the shore_s36.txt, s36custom, or the AppName and BootNAme files.

    I created a shore_s36 file for it, and the phone comes up, and gets service, although the LCD is stuck on requesting service. I also noticed that when it downloads Langauge_1.txt it says invalid signature.

    Can someone post a copy of thier shore_s36 file, so i can see the correct markup for it, and to also see if we even have the correct boot and app file on it.

    We are a shoretel partner, but this shoretel system was setup before my time, so i am rather new to this.

    Thanks for any help.

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    If you are a Shoretel partner, just upgrade to the most recent release of 7.5 or to a more current release like 8.1 or 9.1.

    You may have a very early (beta) version of 7.5. Posting of those files won't solve the problem anyway, you need the database updates. Uploading those files ot the forum would be in violation of the Shoretel support agreement as well...


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      We do have an upgrade planed to go to the lastest version of ShoreTel Contact Center in two months acctually. I am in fact going to a few of the classes next month.

      I was more concerned that the files were not thier, when ShoreTel claimed this version supported it. This server has been managed by quite a few people, (company has an high IT person turn around) that it appears a fresh install might be the better bet.

      Anywho I'll have to tell the owner we'll have to wait till the upgrade is done to use the new phones.