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  • Outbound calls tied to a Workgroup

    A question from a new Shortel Admin. (And bear with me while I give you the laymens version)

    When generating reports, Agents outbound calls are listed in a workgroup.

    Is there a way so outbound calls are not tied to a workgroup in reports and that only inbound calls are? And if Outbound has to be tied, how does it choose when an agent can be part of multile workgroups?

    Thanks for any insight.


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    Found the answer

    This report includes calls routed to workgroup agents by the workgroup server, and
    non-workgroup calls (both inbound and outbound). The report assigns nonworkgroup
    calls to an agent's membership within a workgroup by examining the workgroup the agent was logged into during or before the call. No calls are reported when an agent is logged out. You can find Agent logins by examining the AgentActivity table for records with State = 5 (LogInOut).

    Workgroup agents can be a member of more than one workgroup. When they log in, their login time is reported for all workgroups of which they are a member. Non-workgroup calls are reported against the workgroup with the lowest dial number that the agent is a member of when the call is made. For example, if the agent is a member of workgroups with dial numbers of 1100, 1200, and 1250, non-workgroup calls are reported against 1100.

    The StartTimeStamp field in these Agent Activity records represents the time that an agent logged into a specific workgroup (identified by the WorkgroupDN and WorkgroupName fields).

    The EndTimeStamp field records the time the agent logged out (this can be null when the agent is still logged into the workgroup).

    This report is call centric. While it does report agent activity, which consists of agent wrap-up and login time, the report will only show this information for periods during which there was a call for the agent (workgroup or non-workgroup).