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  • Outlook Email Wav Problem

    I am a new admin and have configured my user to receive VM as WAV attachments. Problem is I get the Email but it does not contain the WAV attchment just the "pointer" to the VM on the server.

    I have unististalled and reinstalled the integration but that has not helped. Any help would be appreciated.

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    WAV file

    There are two separate things going on.

    It sounds like you are seeing the email from the "VOICEMAIL INTEGRATION" feature of shoretel and outlook. It sends and email that opens up (a pointer) a player and plays the message through outlook.

    The other email (the one you are looking for) will come in with a plain old wav file attachment. The bad thing is, when you play the attachment, it will not mark it heard. When you delete it, it will not delete the voicemail message itself.

    Put some careful thought into long term results of how you are going to deliver voicemail. I wish that we had NEVER touched the outlook integration piece at all, and just made people listen to the voicemail through the PCM. It is a nice interface and keeps all the voicemail in one place. No more searching through 15000 emails to find a voicemail. We find that randomly the outlook integration stops working, forms go "missing", etc. If a person's pc isnt on, they dont get the email on their blackberry, etc. the list goes on and on. The wav file notifications you are referring to are rock solid, but also have many drawbacks.


    to get the email you are looking for, make sure the Shoretel voicemail server is configured properly to be able to send SMTP messages.
    These messages with the wav files are delivered "differently" than the other ones that are just pointers. The pointer emails are actually MAPI connections (emulates an exchange server) that the client (outlook) PULLS in, the messages are never pushed from the shoretel server to exchange. The client basically has two exchange servers, your real one, and the shoretel server.

    see this

    and this

    for a place to start.

    when setup correctly, the server will send emails via SMTP to your exchange server... this will not be pointers. You can check status on the queue in shoreware director. Quicklook - (click on server name), SMTP Send Status

    good luck


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      We had this situation for over a month after the innitial install of ShoreTel. We would receive the pointer email that would allow you to play back the voicemail in the ShoreTel player, but the other message containing the .wav file never would get delivered.

      After working on it for weeks and weeks with our vendor, we finally discovered in a round about way that we did not have an MX record in local DNS with the FQDN of our Exchange server. Once this was added and the DNS cache on ShoreTel server was flushed, the messages containing .wav files started flowing almost immediately.