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  • Shoretel T1 Memory

    Does anyone know how much memory a Shoregear T1 (on a Shoretel 7 setup) can store? Is there a limit to the number of routes,DNIS, DID's etc...?

    Or any of the switches for that matter...

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    None. Look at Shoregear Director.


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      The reason I ask, is I've been getting the following error:

      Switch SG 120/24: Config Store: Data Overflow (new data).

      I swapped out the switch, and still get the message during a restart of the switch.


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        how many entries are in your system directory?
        How many sites, servers and switches do you have?


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          1 Server, 3 sites.

          HQ: 2 SG 40/8 switches, 4 SG T1s

          Site 2: 1 - 120/24, 1 SG T1

          Site 3: 1 - 120/24

          Looking at the logs, the error appeared on all the switches. We do have an high amount of DNIS's, routing, and WGs.


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            What do you call a high amount? I have seen a few hundred on a single PRI.


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              About 4000 Dnis on a single T1


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                In that case.... I would (Or have your partner) open a ticket with ShoreTel and see what they say. I have a feeling that 4000 DNIS may be esceeding the limits.
                Are you actually having any problems? or just seeing all these logs?


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                  Had some weird problems with our phones yesterday (they wouldn't assign/unassign from the softswitch, and some were stuck in "Requesting Service" no matter how many times the phones/switches/server was restarted. Deleting the phones from the Map helped, but problems still remained). Swapped out one of our SG 120/24 switches to solve the problem.

                  Otherwise, just recently started seeing the event in the logs when the switches are restarted. I wasn't sure if we were overloading the switches.

                  Our partner said the switches can handle it, but waiting for verification (or at least something in writing/specs/etc...)