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  • Packet Loss

    I'm getting an error 119 which means over1% packet loss from a Shoregear50 to the Shoregear T-1 switch. Any ideas why? 8.1 13.24.2504 build.

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    packet loss

    Are they in the same building

    are they on the same switch?

    if not, what is inbetween them.


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      Same site. yes they're on the same network switch.


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        Do you have spanning-tree disabled on the switchport your ST switches are plugged into? Do you have your voice VLAN'ed/QoS'ed on the network?


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          Packet Loss

          If your packet loss is truly between an SG50 and a T1 switch that both reside on the same network switch, then (in theory) you wouldn't be looking at STP, or QOS, etc. Spanning tree normally only causes issues during the first x seconds (which can be a disaster), but after the links are in forwarding mode, and the units are humming along, things should be fine.

          There shouldnt be any reasonable way to overload the switching fabric of a switch to the point where traffic NOT leaving the switch should drop.

          I would check things like duplex settings, speed mismatch, gatways, subnet masks, the CAT5 patch cable itself.... basic stuff.

          If one unit had an incorrect subnet mask, the could actually continue to work and just send all the packets through a local router, adding latency and the possibility of dropped packets.

          Do you have any other reports of dropped packets? Is it truly only this one sg50 to the t1 switch?

          Is the network switch of a high enough quality that you can pull statistics off of the ports? See if there are a bunch of retransmits/collisions/errors, etc?


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            Getting duplex mismatch ,but Both units are set to Full100. The Network switch is a HP3500YL and can get stats off as well. I don't understand why we get these when both are config'd the same? STP is off.


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              Duplex mismatch

              Are both Shoretel switches and the network switch hard set to 100/full?

              or is just the shoretel gear set to 100/full, and the network switch was left on AUTO.

              Hard setting one side and leaving the other on Auto is a cardinal sin.......


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                Up graded to 9.1 and errors have since disappeared.


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                  Packet Loss

                  Have the errors still not come back?

                  I cant think of anything on the 9.1 upgrade that would address packet loss......