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  • Shoretel Rant

    Shoretel when oh when will you put a cradle to grave CDR built in? This is a basic feature that should be included. I shouldn't have to buy contact center, write my own, or hire some overpaid script kiddie. C'mon guys.. can't tell you how many deals I've lost because of this simple MISSING piece.

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    Originally posted by spris View Post
    .. can't tell you how many deals I've lost
    Perhaps you (and all other ShoreTel Partners) should keep track of how many deals you've lost, including lines and dollar amount, and report this info to ShoreTel on some regular interval along with the primary reason(s) why the deals were lost.

    This would give ShoreTel a good way to estimate ROI on enhancements.

    ...and it would also benefit existing customers (like me!).



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      Shoretel does some really cool things feature wise. Easy management, slick out-of-box tools, etc. It blows me away that this has to be a feature enhancement request. Or a "sure we can do that......with a contact center license" bait and switch.

      Am I the only one with this frustration?