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  • Problem with Monitored Extension need a solution!!!

    I have a customer that has copper lines that goto an Auto Attendant and if they Zero out goes to a hunt group of 3 people. 1 of the 3 people have an operators PCM, that person also has Monitored Extension of 11 people on a button box, of the 11 people the other 2 people that are in the hunt group for the Zero out are also in the Monitored Extension.

    Problem: The Operator is getting an additional ringing in her ear after she
    answers the phone.
    So far as I see it, its comming from the Monitored Extensions,
    1) I swapped her extension with another extension and the extension with
    the button box continued to still have the problem.
    2) I have given her a temporary extension without the Button Box, and the
    problem went away.
    3) I added the Button box and the problem still did not come back.
    4) I have added the Monitored Extension and the problem came back.
    5) I added Extension monitored to her phone without the button box and the
    problem was there.

    Build 13.24.2504.0

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    I assume you have the 'Monitored Call Button' set for 'Don't Ring' on the phone?

    In that case...
    Check the Operator's Call Manager -
    Options - Sounds - select 'Incoming Monitored Call' - set it to 'None'


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      It is set to Ring with 1 Delay