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  • Incorrect Time On 230&560 phones

    Incorrect time is displayed on phones that are rebooted...both HQ server and contact center have correct time... Where do phones recieve their NTP? to shortell...

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    This is a pretty common issue. The phones will get ntp from the ntp address setting either manually set or via dhcp.

    If the time/date are way off - like months:
    You can view the info on the phone by pressing mute then 4636 #. Toggle through the settings until you see the ntp server address and make sure its set and accessible from the network.

    If time/date are just an hour off:
    1. Check that the ntp setting from DHCP server has the correct time zone. Cisco's for example can be set with a time zone.
    2. Check that your director server and/or time server have the latest DST patch from Microsoft.


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      Thanks for the info!...

      Weird thing was all NTP settings phone/network/HQ and otherwise were all set properly... including the patch...

      I zapped the phone again to default settings re-enabled... same issue...

      I let it go around 6 last night...when I arrived this morning... correct date/time...


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        Another thing I've seen - usually around a time change date is the phones will be an hour off. You can go into director and change the timezone for the site an hour forward or back, save, then go in and set it back as it should. FYI.

        Glad you got it sorted out. It always makes me laugh how fast a user will let you know the time on their phone is off.