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  • Voicemail Calling user ?

    User says she occasionally gets calls from her voicemail. when she answers she says it said something bout redirecting or forwarding. Unforunately, I have never heard it myself so I do not know the exact error. Ideas?

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    Double check 'preferences' to make sure she is not the default recording extension?
    More than likely, someone has her set-up as a PA on their Mailbox? They 'Zero Out' and get her extension and hang-up before she has a chance to speak? Ask her to try to get as much info as possible to assist in tracking down the user...otherwise, you will have to check everyones Call Handling Modes...


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      User said that the message on the other end of the phone after she answers is "your call is being sent to the next destination" and then it just goes silent.



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        does she have escalations turned on somewhere?

        We have a group that does this. When a voicemail is left, the system waits 5 minutes and then calls the persons cell phone. If they dont answer, it calls the next person in line, etc.

        i think its under options, voicemail, escalations.


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          nope.. numbers 1-9 are undefined with 0 steps


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            Is she a member of any workgroups? Maybe the escalation is set there?


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              Find Me

              It sounds like she has Find Me turned on, or Auto-Find me, with two different find me destinations configured. She has it set to "Wait for DTMF" (newer versions phrase this differently), so that she must press "1" to accept the call. She also has the "Number of Rings" on the First number set low enough that by the time she answers, it's already sending the call to the second number.



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                Find Me

                now that makes sense


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                  When it occurs, make sure you document the time.

                  Open the Vmail log and search for the Ext or number it is out dialing to. This will show you if indeed the Users Ext is dialing or if it is generated some place else

                  Also in the CLI CFG tool on the server (\Shoreline Communications\Shoreline Server\), you can view the Mailbox config by using the CLI and open the users ext/mailbox

                  This will give you the full details as to what is configured in that particular mailbox


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                    Found it.. you guys were almost right on. After much digging and asking questions, turns out a user had accidently managed to turn on find me and forward calls for only 1 ring. sheesh..