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  • ShoreGear 120/24 Doesn't Connect to Voice Mail Server

    Currently we have 25 Devices spread out over 11 sites. Most all of the sites use a central voice mail server, which is also the ShoreWare Director Server. All of sudden, one of the Switches has stopped communicating with the Voice Mail server. I have restarted and made sure it was on the same version as rest of the switches, but it still does not connect. (The Switch Connectivity board is green except the one red square)

    Switch in question: ShoreGear 120/24
    Boot ROM Version:
    Firmware Version: 12.15.8700.0

    Voice Mail Server:
    Release: 12.15.8700.0

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Sounds like a network issue on the surface. Can you ping the Switch from the HQ server?
    Any chnages in your network recently?
    You may need to reboot the network gear (at a good downtime) at the remote site.


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      Let me guess, you can ping each switch but you can't with the lsp_ping.


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        Yes Pings where going through fine, from the VoiceMail server. I restarted the 120/24, with no change, so I restarted the VM Server services and it all connected fine.

        We noticed the problem earlier this week when all of sudden all the voice mail features stopped working at this location. It was there one moment, and then gone the next. Really weird.

        Its up and running at the moment, and we are upgrading the environment to v9.1 tomorrow, so I'm going to worry too much over it unless it starts becoming a chronic problem. But if anyone has any thoughts as to what things outside network issues could cause this I would appreciate any information you can share.