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  • Seperate sites, same building

    I have a need for 2 lines of businesses that share the same building and resources to have 2 distinct music on hold messages. The plan is to create a new site, add a switch, assign the users to the new switch with the intent of the new switch becoming the MOH source for any user associated with that switch.
    I have created the new site and added the switch, phone and user to that site. The switch is selected as the MOH source for the new site but there is no source of MOH plugged in. I anticipated when dialing that extension from an outside source and being placed on park or hold that I would hear dead air. The result is the MOH from the other site being played. I have not rebooted the server since making the changes but will do so tonight.
    Can anyone think of what I might be missing? Current version is 7.5 build 12.14.8701

    Thanks in advance!

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    The MOH is used from the site where the trunks are located. To make this work, you would need to assign some trunks to a different site.


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      Thanks for the response. The answer puts me in a quandry. I was always under the impression that MOH was user\site specific. The building recieves dial tone via PRI that the 2 lines of business share, adding trunks is not an option. Do you know of any ways to prevent MOH from playing on a per user basis? They would prefer dead air over inappropriate MOH.


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        Confirming the earlier response that MOH is trunk specific. I understand your quandry, if no new trunks are possible, then maybe look into no MOH for all if that is an option. Will be interested if others have found a way around this.


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          No, you cannot prevent MOH on a per-user basis in native ShoreTel. There are other solutions, but I would recommend that you separate this into two installs or at least two completely different sites with their own trunks. This is by far the best solution.

          If you really want something else, you'd need a custom. We could fairly easily develop something that can block the MOH for a specified set of users. It is not so easy, though we have a way, to develop something that can play customized hold music per user, bypassing ShoreTel's MOH.


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            Thanks again for the info. 2 seperate installs is not even a possibility. Seperate sites are doable. The issue lies in the fact that while these are 2 distinct lines of business, they share common entities such as accounts payable, collections, ect. I do beleive that Shoretel needs to rephrase their statements that MOH is site specific to trunk specific. By using a PRI and DNIS\DID mapping, I can route and handle my calls in a multitude of ways. Unfortunately I can only provide one flavor of elevator music...