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  • Call Notes and Logging: Workgroup Needed?

    I've got a situation where a department in the company I work for needs to be able to add notes to the calls they make/recieve and their supervisors need to be able to see those logs. It's not exactly a call center as there's no call distribution, they just need to be able to keep track of what they've done.

    I know you can click on a call and hit "Properties" to add a note, which for the most part should work fine for them, but is there a way for the supervisors to see the call history without each user exporting their history and turning it in? Is the Workgroup Supervisor/Agent set up the solution I need?

    I've worked in a call center that's done this in the past but they had an app that wasn't tied to Call Manager.



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    These notes are stored in the CDR. You should be able to write/have someone write a custom report which can pull this out.


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      Call Manager Notes Bug or Feature?

      Just a word of caution when using the Call Manager Notes. If either party hangs up the call before you click "OK" to save your notes, they vanish into thin air.