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  • Wired headsets

    We are having issues with corded headset's with direct connect cords to IP230 phones. Customer used to have a Norstar, on the ST the sound quality is very poor and callers are not able to hear them very well. Has anyone experienced this? Do I need to add an amplifier? Is there anything I can tweak?

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    What make of headsets?
    We see lots of plantronics wired headsets where we have changed customer from Avaya to ShoreTel. We needed to change the bottom cord (the one that connects to the side of the phone with the quick release connector on the other end which attaches to the headset itself) The correct bottom cord cable to use is the U10P.
    A word of warning, It is very easy to mix up bottom cables that do work with those that don't. Plantronics don't make it very obvious which model of bottom cord you are looking at, sometimes there are no markings on them whatsoever. We noticed that last batch we supplied actually had U10P marked on the quick release connector, but it is not always the case. A good tip is to mark the new ones with some correcting fluid as soon as you take them out of the bag. Your good ones will have correcting fluid on them, the old ones that don't work will not.


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      Thanks for the reply. When you say they didn't work, do you mean that there was no sound heard at all or was it poor? In my case the user's can hear and be heard however it seems like the "volume" has been turned down.

      I just want to be clear because I know that most manufacturer's have many "direct connect" cords.